The Deck Builder Who Will Help Design and Build the Deck of Your Dreams!

Ever since its inception, Jonny On The Spot Home Improvements has been the hallmark for professional remodeling services for property owners all around the area looking to benefit from the innovative space solutions and years-long experience we bring to the table. Ranging from applying insulation under mobile homes, animal removal, handyman work, power washing, gutter installation, plumbing repairs, and flooring services, we can complete both comprehensive and small-scale projects. If you reside anywhere in or around Rochester, MI, stay on this page and learn what makes us the right deck builder for your upcoming project!

How Can We Help You

It all starts with choosing decking materials. When doing so, it is advisable to factor in the savings you can gain by the future low maintenance and longevity of some materials, even if the initial cost is higher. As a renowned and sought-after deck builder, we feel bound to help you pick the style, size, and, of course, material of your deck-to-be. We will construct it with precision and care. In that line of thought, you have numerous deck design and structure options. A wraparound, multi-level, side-yard, attached, swimming pool surround, over-garage, entryway, rooftop, detached and isolated decks are some of them. If you choose our deck building service, you will be making a creative, affordable, and sustainable choice all in one!

Why Trust Us

Decks should be enjoyed by everyone. As such, we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. This is why Jonny On The Spot Home Improvements has adopted a pricing policy based on transparency and competitive rates with no hidden fees and add-ons!

The deck builder you are looking to hire in Rochester, MI is just a phone call and an appointment away. You can reach us at (586) 531-5913 with your questions and booking requests. We would love to impress you!